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Contact the GM if you would like to participate. 

This tournament is open to new and experienced players alike. 

Anyone can play but you have to become a BPA member if you aren't already one.  All BPA members for 2015 are eligible. The BPA pays for the plaque and provides coverage on their web site.   Non-BPA members for 2015 are eligible if you join the BPA in 2015 as a PBEM member or higher.

To become a BPA member, click here: http://www.boardgamers.org/forms/MemberForm.shtml.

Note:  PBEM membership costs only $10, and allows entry into any and all BPA-sponsored email tournaments you choose to participate in.

Players must also have Internet access, an ACTS account, and a valid email address.  See Play Guidelines for more information.

You may also enter the tournament after the first round has started and will be entered into the following round.  Participants will not be eligible to sign up after the third round has started.