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Scenario Book Changes

There are some differences between the Scenario Book available on the GMT website and the current version. These differences are summarized below:

Page 2, Marker Setup, The New World:

Add the following sentences:

"In the 1532 scenario, 6 of the 9 markers are placed on the New World display. The other 3 (Circumnavigation, Pacific Strait, and Aztecs) are placed in the Hapsburg Bonus VP Box."

Page 4, 1532 Scenario Setup:

The Papacy now begins in control of Sienna (SCM) and Florence (HCM).   One Papal regular moved in the initial setup from Rome to Florence.  


Their setup entry is thus:

Rome:  1 regular, 1 merc, 1 naval squadron, SCM 

Ravenna: 1 regular, 1 merc, SCM 

Florence: 1 regular, SCM

Sienna: HCM

SCM on Power Card: 4

Remove the setup entry of 1 independent regular in Florence.

Initial Papal VP start at 17.

Page 6, Tournament Scenario, Add New Special Rule (#4): 

The card "Dissolution of the Monasteries" (# 63) is normally added to the deck at the start of Turn 5 or 6 if Henry VIII has married Anne Boleyn on the previous turn. For this scenario, set this card aside at this time.  When dealing cards to the English player for the turn, please give this card to the English player instead of the first card they would have been dealt from the deck.