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Q: A besieging army is targeted by Army Mutiny and must retreat as it no longer has sufficient forces to maintain the siege.  Does it retreat before the unrest are placed from the army mutiny card?

A: before

Q: Can the Ottomans remove 4 mercenaries with Reiters if the space chosen is no more than 2 land connections from a home space of the Holy Roman Empire?

A: no

Q: Can Le Testu be sponsored as a scientist if has been sent on an expedition this turn?

A: no. The intent is that Le Testu may only be used one way -- never both -- in a single turn.

Q: If a marriage with Mary Queen of Scots is Cancelled at the last Minute, can the French player then agree to or propose a marriage between Mary Queen of Scots and another Royal immediately after?

A: no. the intent is for her to only be able to attempt marriage once per turn. So if it is cancelled then she'll have to undergo aging and try again next turn.

12.5 Displacement

Q: Can a unit be displaced to a space under siege?

A: no. Units can be displaced to the next nearest fortified space controlled by their power.

Q: What happens if you have loaned naval units to a major power and you later go to war with that power?  For example France and the Ottomans ally and France loans his navies to the Ottomans, and Ottomans later declare war on (previously unactivated) Venice and France intervenes.

A: In the rare case where you do go to war with an ally and have lent them naval units, remove the Lent Fleet markers and displace those naval units as per 12.5.

Q: Can Storms at Sea stop actions that Sultan's Harem (played as an event) allows?

A: yes. That's a nasty way to cancel the Harem.

Q: What happens to Army Leaders that are on board the Armada when the Armada is eliminated via naval combat or piracy?

A: The Army Leaders are placed on the Turn Track for reentry in the next Turn.

Q: If the protestants negotiate the transfer of their capital to the other party (France/Spain), what happens to the capital?

A: It goes to the Turn Track and cannot be placed on the map until the next Turn.

Q: When playing Edward Stafford as an event, can you choose to have another player discard a Mandatory Event card?

A: yes

Q: Suppose an army leader accompanies a formation that attacks a multinational force (two allied powers with units defending the same space). If the attacking force is completely eliminated and the army leader is captured, on whose section of the power card does the captured leader go?

A: Priority would go to:
(a) Power owning the space
(b) If no defending power owns the space, then to one with most units there at the start of the battle
(c) If still tied, die roll.

Q: Can Double Agent remove any agent from anyone's power card or only an agent from an enemy power on any power card?

A: any agent (except your own agent)