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Game Rules

The 2nd Printing (2010) Rules as published are available at the GMT website.  Errata are available here on this website.  These are are considered to be the official version of the rules.  The first three rounds will use the Tournament Scenario, the fourth round will use the 1532 Scenario and the final round will use the Campaign Scenario.  The scenarios can also be downloaded here (but please see the summary of changes here).

Natural Enemies

This modified natural enemies rule is in effect for Tournament Scenarios only with the Ottoman and Hapsburgs as natural enemies.  If your natural enemy wins, your power will suffer a 5-VP penalty or will be 1 VP below the last-place finisher—whichever is higher. 


For the Tournament Scenarios in rounds 1, 2, and 3, Copernicus will be added to the deck on Turn 5 instead of Turn 4.  If you draw Copernicus on Turn 4, discard and draw a replacement card.

Anne of Cleves

In 5-player games in which England and Protestants are played by a non-advancing elimination player, England does not draw a card for Anne of Cleves.

Rules Disputes

Rules questions/disputes should be addressed to the GM.  Neither the GM nor his Assistants will rule on a game either they or family members are involved in.  Rules questions/disputes involving games played by the GM or relatives of the GM should be addressed to one of the Assistant GMs.  Players should be as descriptive as possible, including supporting evidence or diagrams of the situation in question as the answer will be based on the information provided.  Questions may also be posted to CSW or BoardGameGeek but the GM rulings are authoritative and final.

Frequently Misplayed Rules

An excellent list of frequently misplayed rules can be found on BoardGameGeek here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/40008/his-frequently-misplayed-rules-two-versions-02-18